Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket


Our super soft and snuggly Weighted Sensory Lap Blankets are a high quality product made with glass microbeads that almost feel like sand, so they're not lumpy, noisy or bulky.

They feel like a large hug that doesn't stop.

Sensory defensiveness involves over-reacting to a sensory experience like touch. Associated behaviours look like physical withdrawal, blocking the stimuli, vocal outbursts or aggressive behaviour... all coming from the primitive part of the brain that protects the person from what it incorrectly believes to be a life or death threat.

For a person living with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD or Anxiety, the positive effects of weighted items like blankets are huge!  They provide the much needed "deep touch pressure" AND can be used for "heavy work" as well... both key treatments for sensory defensiveness!  

For this reason, a weighted lap blanket is a super effective tool to incorporate opportunities for sensory regulation into everyday life... with the child benefiting from the cumulative effect of many little tools and many accommodations being made based on their individual needs.

AT SCHOOL:  Not only on their lap or shoulders for deep touch pressure (improving focus and calming the nervous system) but also carried around for "heavy work" when transiting between tasks or between areas of the classroom.

AT APPOINTMENTS:  A reassuring texture and deep touch pressure to ease anxiety plus improve concentration during therapy appointments.

TRAVEL, OUTINGS or HOME: Reduce hyperactivity when they have to sit for a period of time (shopping trolley, homework or car rides) and aide in relaxation during quiet time at home, especially when falling asleep.

Of course, the effects will vary with each child. Research suggests that weighted items should be approx 5%-10% of the person’s bodyweight for optimum results. Use for approximately 20-30 minutes at a time, with a break of similar time in between each use if possible, for best results.

  • 55cm x 60cm can also be folded
  • 5lb
  • It is also a relaxing shoulder Comforter
  • Textured plush dots on one side for tactile sensory input
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Handwash gently in cold or warm water, then lie flat to dry, turning regularly to help it dry. Allow to dry completely before use.
  • Always use under adult supervision.
  • 3yrs +
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